The Safe Foundation: Top tips for marketing in the international charity sector

Eager to celebrate the amazing women in Welsh business, this week we at Ivy Marketing were luckily enough to interview Hannah Fitt, the Founder of Cardiff-based charity; Safe Foundation. Discussing both the challenges and rewards of promoting a charitable business, Hannah paints a picture of the reality of working in the industry, sharing her experiences [...]

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Introbiz Founder on how networking can strengthen your marketing strategy

Though focused primarily on digital marketing in Wales, we at Ivy Marketing are also concerned with traditional forms of promotion. This week, we spoke with Tracey Smolinksi; the 'Queen of Networking'. As the Founder of Wales' leading independent business network, Introbiz, Tracey paints a clear picture of how important getting face-to-face with people still is in [...]

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How animation can bring your marketing strategy to life; an interview with Jessica Morgan, Founder of Jessica Draws

As you know, at Ivy Marketing, content is our thing; eager to spread the word of the latest trends in digital marketing. Wanting to delve deeper into the world of animation, we this week caught up with Jessica Morgan; Founder of award-winning company; Jessica Draws. Hi Jessica, tell us a little bit about your company, [...]

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