This month, we fired some questions at Megan Donnan; the latest addition to the Ivy Marketing family. Joining the team as a Content Writer, we wanted to share what working for Ivy Marketing is like with our readers.

What is your role at Ivy Marketing?

I began my time in the company as an intern, dedicating two days a week to working for Ivy Marketing throughout my third year at University. Having always had a keen interest in the media industry, I always knew I would like a career in the sector and so I started applying for internships during my studies as a third year. A couple of months into my internship, the Ivy team offered me a full-time job, and here I am today; Content Writer at Ivy Marketing. I mainly concentrate on producing content for our clients. This means that no two days are the same; which is great! The fact that Ivy Marketing has contracts that work across a number of different sectors means that I’m constantly switching mindset – one minute I may be trying to understand what type of social media posts a car leasing company wants, the next I may be assessing/researching the recruitment sector for a blog post.

What’s the best thing about working for Ivy Marketing?

Everyone in the Ivy Marketing team are passionate. Their enthusiasm for their work is contagious, which is why I feel a sense of excitement here. We never know what project or brand will come our way, which makes both the company and the industry very exciting to me. Having had some experience with a graphic design company in the past, at the moment I would say that I particularly enjoy writing blogs for our web design client. It’s always interesting to learn how other parts of the industry works, whether it be web design, print design or infographics.

Why did you choose to work in the marketing industry?

This might sound silly, but I really feel like I can make a difference to people’s lives by working in this industry. Part of our mission statement at Ivy Marketing is that we enable our customers to realise their full potential. There’s a real sense of pride knowing that I/we have serviced a company, whether it be through content, social media management or web copy.

Are there any employee benefits by working for Ivy Marketing?

It’s pretty helpful to have a job where majority of your work is done on a computer/online. The team at Ivy Marketing are great when it comes to flexible working hours. For example, a couple of weeks ago I had a horrendous cold. Instead of having sick leave/showing up to the office and spreading my bugs, I was able to work from home. It’s really helpful to know that the team will help you out when need be. This makes me, as an employee, want to help them out where I can as well. We are a team, and it’s great to feel appreciated.

What’s the office like to work in?

Working at Ivy Marketing is like being in a club. Imagine working with people who not only get what you’re talking about, but love it too! Plus, the office is pretty swanky as we are based in the Brewery Quarter in Cardiff. This proves to be rather tempting at 5pm on a Friday- which we almost always fall for!

What are the next steps for you and Ivy Marketing?

For me, I’m excited to create more content while working with our fabulous clients! We have some great business prospects on the horizon, and so I’m looking forward to tackling what the future brings with the team at Ivy Marketing.