With 2016 now out of the way, many businesses will throw themselves into the year with their creative hats on, wanting to go into the year with a fresh attitude and look. Being the busiest time for website redesigns here at Ivy Marketing, we regard the few months of the year as our favourites, given the opportunity to work with new and existing clients and see their visions lived out online.

Seeing websites as a continuous working progress the term ‘design never ends’ rings very true, with the fast-paced world of technology keeping us all on our toes. However, there is a key to roll out an effective redesign; knowing why it is essential and when that time is.

If you are struggling to decide whether or not your business website needs a fresh look, then maybe we can help?

Is your website working with a responsive design?

Due to the forever-in-development quality of mobile technology, the smartphone is a lot more than a device to call your mum on, able to do pretty much anything you so wish. For this reason, the way we search for and consume website content has changed, with business owners needing to invest in responsive design in order to attract their target audience.

Listen to your customers

While analytics and web design professionals may suggest one thing, your customers may say another, and they are the ones that really matter. By conducting a small focus group discussion, maybe online, you can get a real feel for what customers and potential customers actually think of your site, whether they find it useful, engaging and what would entice them to use it on a more frequent basis. Being a free exercise, such research can have a huge bearing on your decision regarding where you want to take the site, ensuring you are designing inline with market needs and not personal preference.

Adding a new feature?

With the new year being all about improving on the last, many businesses choose to add services, new staff members and partners to their business models, needing their website to reflect such strategic changes.  So, if you have decided you wish to add a blog section, turn your site into an e-commerce platform, or integrate a series of new images, a full redesign may be worth consideration.

Request a quote for your site to be redesigned

If you are in two minds over what to do with your business website in 2017, contact us at Ivy Marketing today. With a large team of designers in-house, we will be sure to come up with the perfect redesign solution to get your customers talking.