While many believe social media to be a platform for procrastination, in business being active online is paramount, keeping existing and potential clients informed of your services. Being utilised to support the sales pipeline social media is also about encouraging brand awareness, gathering intrigue online through your business’ personality. At Ivy Marketing we see our fair share of social marketing flops, eager to share the importance of a holistic strategy.

If you are a startup ready to go to market or an established firm in need or a strategy revamp, allow our steps to social media success to help.

Research your audience

It’s great knowing the message you want to spread but more importantly do you know who you want to spread it to? This is where market research comes in, dissecting your potential customers/clients into user groups in order to speak to them on more of a personal level. Giving people the information they want simply pushes them further down the sales funnel, allowing them to identify with your brand and show an interest in what it is you are offering. For many, this type of multi-strand social media plan will only come with time. Using Google Analytics we monitor what types of content pieces are performing well in certain areas, building a plan from such findings.

Cement your KPIs in stone

If you are heading up social media marketing for your firm then it is essential that you are a man (or woman) with a plan, setting out clear KPIs. Providing a clearly-defined set of desired outcomes you know what you are working towards, always keeping the vision in mind to ensure no time and more importantly money is wasted.
Below are a few examples you could use:

Unique visits
Bounce rates
Page views
Social sharing

Treat all social channels differently

While many marketers will write a post and share the exact same content on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms, we find this to be pretty lazy, with each channel requiring bespoke love and attention. Maximising exposure a tailored plan for each will  target all types of user groups, sparking interest in various people through a diverse set of content pieces.


Heading up the marketing division is all about delivering data, relaying successes back to management. At Ivy Marketing we believe that monthly reporting is fine for most companies, providing enough time for posts to gather likes, shares, views and interaction. While a pretty obvious step reporting is integral to ensure you are not missing or wasting opportunities to communicate, seeing what works and what doesn’t in black and white.

Post relevant content

As you will know from our previous post Google are only interested in relevant content. This is much the same when it comes to social media, with busy timelines only giving marketers a nanosecond to stand out and capture interest. Fed from your reporting it is important that content writers are taking the time to create concise, informative and interesting posts, not just distributing content for the sake of distribution.

Customer service

If you are a large corporation with constant enquiries coming through social channels it is advisable to appoint a customer service representative to social media, ensuring any questions, orders and comments can be responded to immediately. Adding a human aspect to your digital marketing customer service representatives make your brand feel more trust-worthy, supporting the sales structure once again.

If you have any social media hacks you wish to share with us be sure to leave your comments below!