Here at Ivy Marketing, we are a pretty nosey bunch, eager to stay up to date on new and innovative ways in which businesses are marketing their services. As Cardiff social media marketers, we take inspiration from other brands, excited by firms that contest the norm and prevail personality when managing their channels!

From thought-provoking posts to memes that are close to the knuckle, social media is about a lot more than simply selling your business. With the modern consumer now incredibly savvy, we have defined the following as the top brands slaying it on social media.



Nowadays, even cyclists that are yet to have their stabilisers removed are fully-equipped with a GoPro, with the brand having successfully stamped its name in pretty much every UK household. In addition to strong sales numbers, the camera manufacturers are also a pretty dab hand at social media, understanding the power of user-generated content. Encouraging GoPro users to share their videos on various channels, GoPro gets their customer’s to market their products on their behalf, showing the product off in all its glory.

Tesco Mobile

While thought to be a pretty uncool network to be on, Tesco Mobile are a must-follow brand on Twitter, working with a very personal tone when it comes to social media marketing. Described as ‘genius’ and ‘hilarious’ in industry magazine, AdWeek, Tesco Mobile, in our opinion, should be crowned King of Banter!  From sending followers on wild goose chases to being borderline abusive in their comments, Tesco Mobile are our guilty pleasure here at Ivy.



The UK has well and truly adopted a whole load of American treats, with the Oreo now being a staple feature in the British kitchen cupboard. With their strong social presence, it is no wonder why, with Oreo being rather creative when it comes to engaging with customers. Recently, the brand released a Vine video series spoofing classic horror films featuring cookies, creating increased brand awareness through their sophisticated digital efforts.


Paddy Power

Supported by a huge team of creatives, the betting brand, Paddy Power, are always coming up with new ways to offer free bets, building innovative marketing campaigns to encourage big user numbers. Enjoying an incredibly strong following on social media, Paddy Power love cropping images/videos and taking them out of context, making even the most serious of subjects such as Trump and Brexit light-hearted.


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