With Black Friday just around the corner you will have put some thought into how your business can make the most of the spendathon; creating brand awareness, encouraging more web traffic and ultimately acquire customers.
At Ivy Marketing we have been working with many clients in order to optimise on the marketing opportunities Black Friday boasts. If you are struggling for ideas, here is list of important, effective marketing strategies for your business to utilise this Black Friday.

Get personal with email marketing

Black Friday is surrounded by a sense of urgency, with consumers eager to get in line and online to bag a bargain. As a brand it is your job to position yourself amongst said buyers, with email marketing being a great way to do so. While you may already have integrated email marketing into your marketing strategy, with events such as Black Friday it is important to get personal.

With the intelligent, savvy nature of the modern consumer, companies have to work harder to translate promotions, with personalised email messages improving click-through rates by an average of 14% and conversions by 10%.
Many brands tend to use special discounts, recognising both potential and ‘VIP’ customers. This type of acknowledgment goes a long way with consumers, allowing your Black Friday marketing message to stand out amongst the crowd.

Build up Black Friday through social media

While many social media platforms will fill timelines with adverts on Black Friday, it is your duty as a company to show your unique style, building up your Black Friday product/service on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other relevant online spaces. Through scheduled posts leading up to the event and using the hashtag ‘#BlackFriday’, your promotion will no doubt conjure up excitement online.

In our experience video marketing tends to work well, with both social media platforms and search engines giving more weight to moving image of late. For this reason creating a company video for such events may be a worthwhile investment.

Mobile optimisation

With all marketing efforts the mobile user must be a focus, with over 80% of internet users now owning a smartphone. Being in the digital age that we are, this number is only ever going to increase, along with the need for online marketers to create mobile optimised content. This can be achieved by ensuring your site content is easy to read, navigate and loads quickly, capturing the attention of the user immediately.

You may also want to consider SMS marketing for Friday 25th November. However, ensure the content is clear, concise and built with a clear call to action.

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to leave your comments below.