Here at Ivy Marketing, we are passionate about a few things; namely content marketing, social media and those cute little cookies they sell in Starbucks, you know, the ones with the sprinkles?

Luckily for us, over the past few years we have seen many different types of Welsh businesses investing in content marketing. From estate agents and technology startups to recruitment firms and news titles; Cardiff is bursting with creative firms understanding that content is King!

Here’s what some of  Wales’ top firms have to say on the matter:


Chris Mccolgan, Content Coordinator at leading news title, Business News Wales, is eager to promote the PR opportunities writing great content can influence 

“Wales’ businesses are investing in content marketing as they have realised the huge potential to share their stories with the Welsh market and beyond. With the omnipresence of social media touching nearly every part of our lives, businesses are finding that content is the key to reaching out to this ever-available audience. At Business News Wales, we are proud to offer our clients a channel in which they feature and distribute their content”.




Tracey Smolinski, Director of Wales’ largest business network, Introbiz, uses content to help its much-valued members, sharing client news in order to help grow their network

‘At Introbiz we really value content marketing, it allows Introbiz to provide insightful content in which our members and visitors can learn from, as well as providing member specific content, allowing added value to the membership as our website is viewed 10,000-12,000 times monthly. Alongside this, we endeavour to share our members news in order to aim to grow their business.’


Jamie Baulch, Managing Director of silent auction company, Bid-in, uses content for its thought leadership outcomes. 

“Content marketing is proving to be a key part of our business by creating engaging articles that are relevant for our customers. By creating fresh and original content it helps the business become a ‘go to’ for thought leadership within our region”




Rhino Site Services, the UK’s leading construction recruitment firm is investing in content marketing to support their SEO strategy. Talking on their digital marketing focus, Andrew Roberts, the agency’s Director comments: 

“At Rhino our tech and online presence is vital to our continued growth. Content marketing has been vital to our presence online. Our business works on a national basis which is broken into regions. Regionally being based in Wales this is a large area of development for us and investing into this is vital to our long-term strategy. Construction is booming and Wales is no different to the rest of the UK, the Welsh construction industry is set to grow at nearly three times the UK average, with over 27,000 jobs to be created in the coming five years. The most comprehensive and up-to-date industry forecast predicts an annual average growth rate in output of 7.1% for Wales, compared with 2.5 % for the rest of the UK between 2016 and 2020. Driving activity online and adding content to our blog, news and increasing our SEO present with continued investment will get us a bigger piece of that pie.”




Nick Masters, Business Development Manager at Welsh estate agency, Mr Homes, believes 

“Content marketing is proving to be a key part of our business by creating engaging articles that are relevant for our customers. By creating fresh and original content it helps the business become a ‘go to’ for thought leadership within our region “



William Roberts, Director of web design agency, WebBox Digital, says the relationship between great design and content should never be underestimated, with engaging web copy only enhancing user experience

“Though creating beautiful systems and websites is our focus, the need to drive traffic to them is equally as important. This is why we advise our clients to invest in content marketing, allowing them to position themselves as thought-leaders while encouraging those all-important leads”.



eClean is an online platform that aims to ‘streamline the cleaning and maintenance industry’. Recently referred to as ‘the Uber of the cleaning world’, the firm say that investing in great content is essential in crafting a great brand personality, especially for a cleaning company. Tej Randeva, Founder of eClean comments:

“Our marketing is dissected into many different areas, with content allowing us to speak to customers while building on our employer brand. Being a business that is centred on great people, by creating fun, informative blog posts and web copy you can truly bring your brand to life”.

“While eClean is my latest venture, I have relied on the powers of content marketing for many years, with strong SEO holding the power to convert readers into loyal customers”.




Forex Trading, a Welsh start-up offering traders the chance to invest in the foreign exchange, use content to give traders a window into the world of finance. Director, Iain Walker says:

“Following key political events such as Brexit and Trump’s election, we have seen a huge level of Welsh traders looking to capitalise on increasing market volatility and trade international currencies. Showing a larger interest in world politics than ever before, as a business we need to give our customers a window into politics, with blogs allowing us to do just that. From live news bulletins to in-depth features, through content we can craft our niche in the ever-changing world of finance”.